COVID-19 Statement

The current COVID-19 pandemic is having a detrimental impact on so many of us in so many ways, and we wanted to you to let you know that we are here to help. Our contact centre is still operating, and our experienced team are available to listen to any challenges that you may be facing that have already, or are likely in the near future to impact your financial obligations.

If you cannot afford to pay now, please don’t worry, please get in touch and we will listen and work with you to find the right solution for you based on your current or changing circumstances; this could include applying a payment holiday to your account, giving you extra time and space to sort things out without having to worry about your debts.

Please call us on 0344 571 4075, to speak to one of our agents, or alternatively if you wish to set up a repayment plan you can in the majority of occasions do this online.

If you would like free, confidential and impartial debt advice, you can also contact one of the not-for-profit organisations listed under the free debt advice tab or Business Debtline who offer such advice for businesses.

We hope that you and those close to you are staying safe during these difficult and unprecedented times.